Security Alarms Installation

Burglar Alarm

Alarm systems are designed to keep your home secure and protected from the threat of burglary.

We provide the option of choosing a wired or wireless system, depending on your preference, budget and individual requirements.

The Mobile app allows you to take full control of your security, to activate or deactivate the intruder alarm from anywhere in the world and to monitor whoever is entering or exiting.

Our wired or wireless alarm systems are at the heart of your home security. With the latest technology and 24/7 monitoring, they help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Commercial intruder alarms
Intruder alarms for commercial premises will often be a requirement of the insurance. The systems can range from a grade 1 bells only system to a grade 3 dual monitored system with police response.

Monitored alarm system is a requirement for your insurance policy. Most commercial premises require this kind of alarm system. If you have particularly valuable items in your house, such as technology equipment, expensive jewellery or you run a business from home with computer storage or specialised equipment, we recommend a monitored intruder alarm system.

We only use major brands

Pyronix Alarm | Texecom Alarm | Visonic Alarm | Honeywell Alarm

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